How to take care of your hands. Beauty tips from L’occitane

Our industrious hands are always doing something, from cooking hearty meals to turning the pages of your favorite book.

A quality hand cream will make them soft and supple. Choosing the perfect cream formula means thinking about texture: do you need a balm enriched with organic shea butter to soothe dry skin?
Or a lightweight formula for gentle hydration?

Some of our hand creams are infused with certain essential oils that carry the gentle scent of a warm breeze with the scent of Provence flowers.

Here’s how to choose the perfect hand cream for your lifestyle.


What are the criteria for choosing care products

Given the age-related characteristics of the skin, as the body matures, skin care will also change:

At 20+, the natural aging process of the body starts, and although the first external signs of skin maturity will not be noticeable soon, now is the time to take care of aging prevention. Skin at this age needs antioxidant support and intense hydration. From the age of 25, it is worth including moisturizers for the eyelids in the beauty routine. Young skin uses its own resources to the maximum and is well renewed, so moisturizing and regular cleansing will be enough to maintain its tone.
At 30+ years, the body already noticeably reduces the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other elements necessary to maintain the density, firmness and elasticity of the skin. By the age of 35, age-related changes become noticeable: mimic wrinkles, dehydration creases, the skin loses its tone. It is recommended to increase antioxidant support, add UV protection and include anti-aging formulas based on hyaluronic acid and collagen in your beauty routine.
At the age of 40+, it is time for a full-fledged fight against age-related changes. By the age of 45, many people have such noticeable manifestations of skin maturity as pigmentation, deformation of the oval of the face, deep creases and a network of small wrinkles in the eyes and lips, and a decrease in skin turgor. A cosmetic bag at this age is replenished with products with retinol, peptides, rhamnose in the composition.
In 50+ years, a period of age-related hormonal changes in the body begins. Almost all the elements that support youth and skin tone cease natural synthesis and must be replenished with appropriate compensatory care. The contours of the face begin to change, gravitational ptosis appears, the skin becomes thinner, loses density, becomes dry and sensitive. Compensating care includes powerful anti-aging formulas that replenish moisture and collagen deficiency in skin cells.



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Exhibitions on the topic Fashion industry

Exhibitions on the topic Fashion industry
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Our Ten Core Values

When you visit us, you deserve a seamless, pleasant experience from beginning to end. Our Ten Core Values are what we lean on to make that happen. They illustrate an alchemy of several different components, from our focused business model to the way we recruit and reward our amazing team. Here’s what they mean to us:

Professionalism & Accountability
What we do at Globe Salon is not a hobby or something to pass the time. It is our passion and our profession. This means we take our jobs seriously, and we hold each other accountable to the highest standards of character, conduct and ethics throughout our organization. We also hold ourselves accountable to you and do our very best to engender your trust.

Guest Service, Satisfaction & Value
We work hard to provide Globe Salon guests with an exceptional level of service. We listen, we anticipate, and we truly enjoy assisting you to the best of our ability. We also structure our fees to be as straightforward and inclusive as possible, as well as competitive for what we offer. All of this helps us to achieve a very high level of guest satisfaction.

Creativity & Artistry
Ours is a creative trade, and we recruit those who can successfully meld creativity with professionalism. We love to stretch our legs by styling editorial photo shoots, working backstage at fashion shows, and more. Think of Globe Salon the same way you may think of an advertising agency, a magazine publisher, or any other educated, highly-trained team of creative professionals working together to achieve something beautiful and on time.

Friendly, Warm & Welcoming
We know you have plenty of salons from which to choose. Globe Salon does not take your choice to trust us for granted. We appreciate every phone call, every visit, and are happy to see each and every one of you. The only attitude you get from us is a good one.

Cleanliness & Maintenance
Globe Salon understands that providing personal services is more than just what happens in the chair. It’s how comfortable you feel in our space and how relaxed you can be when visiting us. And we know that a lot of that comes from the space itself. Globe Salon is an intimate, highly trafficked salon, but we adhere to a cleaning and maintenance schedule that keeps it looking fresh and instills confidence.

Enthusiasm for Our Profession
Globe Salon’s team is comprised of passionate professionals, thanks to a recruiting and hiring process that ensures that only passionate professionals pass muster. We are not in this business by accident; we are here because we want to be. Just as importantly, our salon’s training, education, benefits and work environment go a long way to maintaining that enthusiasm. Globe Salon is where a salon career goes to thrive.

Team Oriented
Plenty of workplaces lay claim to a team-oriented atmosphere; Globe Salon lives it. We all have a vested interest in the satisfaction of every guest that visits us. To this end, we work together, share knowledge, teach classes, hold each other up when things get tough, and hold each other accountable when necessary. We’re a family.

Community Involvement
Globe Salon recognizes that we are a small part of a greater community — and that’s not just our immediate community, but the entire Las Vegas metropolitan area and beyond. As citizens of our community, we do what we can to give back by participating in charities, donating services and products, and sharing our time. We have also self-produced a series of very successful fundraisers called Fashion Fling. So far, Globe Salon has donated more than $50,000 to non-profits in our community.

Career Growth & Education
When licensed professionals join our team, they must work though our formal Boot Camp Program before performing critical services on our guests. That sets the bar for education and for performance expectations, but it doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to continuing education that keeps our skills fresh. From in-salon classes to hair shows, from salon-wide advanced courses to sending individual team members to California and New York for intense training, Globe Salon knows that our profession requires constant learning.

Brand Awareness
In October 2000, Globe Salon opened as an unknown business with a big vision. In the years since, our team has set the standard and given life to that vision. We respect the fact that when you call or you visit us for the first time, or the fiftieth, you have expectations of us. Our goal is to never let you down and to exceed those expectations. Our name now sets the standard for us.


5 Super Bowl Nail Ideas to Try Now

The tradition of decorating nails «according to the season» is a thing of the past. A beautiful manicure of the 2023 version is full freedom of self-expression. For the autumn season, it is enough to choose warm shades of varnish, and for the winter — cold ones, including black. The rest is up to you! Therefore, some types of design that were relevant in the summer will be in trend at the end of the year. What remains unchanged in the top? French jacket — classic and improvised (multi-colored, glittery); ombre, especially in the «baby boomer» technique; nude manicure — with a glossy and matte top; «Skittles nails» design (all nails are painted in different colors). And now let’s look at the current ideas and novelties of manicure 2023, which you must try today!


Everything’s Coming Up Rose Gold

We recently took a look at the order in which makeup should be applied and discussed why concealer should be used after foundation and not the other way around. Today we put this knowledge into practice: using the example of a beautiful and simple daytime version of the make-up, the makeup artist tells how to properly apply makeup on the face. And he shares professional tricks that will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

A handy product to add to your makeup bag. Find your perfect palette!